The Large Hadron Dilemma

14 09 2008
Large Hadron Collider
Large Hadron Collider
Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

The Large Hadron Dilemma

So as it was way back in Babel,
That man had the idea,
Let us see the face of God,
Let us see if he is real,
And so they built brick upon brick,
Miles higher than Cern,
But with the same intention,
And the same cynical sneer

The man on the street,
He drives a nice car,
He has a nice wife, a job,
His father was a doctor and his mother a barrister,
You couldn’t tell he was adopted,
Save for the lack of physical resemblance,
That might be forgiven or forgotten,
But it itched and niggled

So he looked and he searched,
And he found them out,
They lived far away,
But it was worth a try,
So he found the bitter truth,
That Mummy was a drug addicted prostitute,
And Daddy the dealer,
But now he knew

He liked it better when he didn’t know,
The noble stock from where he sprang,
But he couldn’t go back to normal,
The nice wife, the nice job,
So he bought a gun,
And did the deed,
In the back of his car,
The guilt and knowledge began to bleed,

And so the Large Hadron Collider,
With its noble intentions,
To find the so called God particle,
Like so many inventions,
It might not work,
But if it does,
Would you perhaps rather not know,
We all came from dust and back there we go



6 responses

7 12 2009

What exactly are you trying to say here? That it will somehow disprove God or religions? Seeing that you referred to the tower of babel, I would assume you are familiar with at least some basic information from the bible, but in case you aren’t let me refresh your memory. I am not a religious person but I feel this is somewhat common knowledge. You should know this if you’ve ever been to a funeral (or ash wednesday mass, though i don’t know if you are a religious person): “Till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”. And I hope I don’t need to remind you of the creation of Adam.

7 12 2009

Dear Ben,

What an endearing email address you have.

Thanks for your observations, but I think you may have somewhat missed the point of the poem.

The overall message of the poem is: “be carefull what you wish for”. I dont presume that the large hadron experiment will disprove God or religions, but the basis of the experiment seeks in someway to quantify or provide scientific analysis of creation/existence.

Whilst I dont dissaprove of such scientific analysis, I dont quite see the point. My message is what do you stand to gain from such experiments and will it provide you with comfort to have a scientific basis for creation? Not necessarily. If man’s goal is to prove that he came from dust or a single celled organism, then I dont think it boasts such a great pedigree.

Personally, I am happier believing that God created us, for a purpose and purposefully. Not by accident and not out of eveolutionary necessity. I dont think that the world will be a better place knowing that God might not exist. I think that God and religion provide people with hope, a code of living and for better or for worse moral standards.

Disproving God, Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) or the tooth fairy will just upset the kids.

My message: let it be – you are better off not knowing.

For the record I do consider myself to be religious, although I might point out that I am more familiar with the old testament and have never been to an ash wednesday mass. I did once attend a Roman Catholic Mass at a funeral and I found the experience to be most fortifying. I did note that Catholic guilt makes old-fashioned Jewish guilty pale into comparison but overall it was quite a nicely conducted service.

The tower of babel was an attempt by man to answer questions which are better left unasked. The results of that experiment were divisive and I would expect the amount of money pumped into the Large Hadron Collider could be better spent on more worthwhile causes.

20 02 2010
Large Hadron Collider will restart again next Thursday « Mr Turner's Science Blog

[…] Now this has been repaired the system is ready to restart. It is unlikely it will end the world, although some think it may be worth being careful! […]

23 02 2010

Thanks for the quote!

14 03 2010

So a man shot himself because he realised his parents were bad people? Seems a tad overreacting. Furthermore if you claim that ignorance is bliss, then we should have cancelled the space race, since we sure did not find heaven up there.

Don’t forget that many people have already believed in the nonexiestence of God, or the lack of a greater purpose in the universe. And no matter what the collider proves, the deeply faithful people will find ways to continue believing.

23 03 2010

The space race turned out to be a bit of a waste of time, not to mention money. Ultimately, it became a show of bravado and ego baiting between the U.S. and the Soviets. Correct, we did not find heaven up there, but I think it is simplistic to assume that “heaven” is truly in the clouds above our heads. I think heaven being associated with the “heavens” or sky as it were, is a metaphoric notion invented by man.

My poem obviously needs to be taken with a pinch of salt and perhaps some humour- not at all to be taken absolutely literally or seriously. But the message is still the same, you are right when you say that deeply faithful people will find a reason to continue believing, however, I doubt the collider will prove anything. It is much more what we want to prove with the collider- is it worth proving? Will it provide any comfort or will it just prove that our place in this universe is just a random series of explosions and happenings.

Personally, I prefer to believe that my life might have a purpose.

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