Depends on how you look at it

13 06 2009

I am living in the usual nightmare of screaming babies and a multitude of bills. On the plus side I have piles. Actually that isn’t much of a plus side at all really.

But its all about attitude, perspective- how you look at it.

I’ve tried to be a bit more buddist about it and look at it philosophically.

I have the greatest admiration for the buddists because I just cant see what they are getting at.

This whole thing about karma, well there is something wrong with that for sure.

The way it should work, textbook like, is that you give charity one day and you win the lottery the next, but it doesn’t fucking work. Or you help an old lady across the road, and she dies the next day and leaves you a vast fortune in her will. In my case she screams and tries to have you arrested for assault.

So karma doesn’t actually work, its tried and tested, Hitler killed six million Jews and the VW Beetle went on to be a best selling car world over. It just doesn’t work.

There are some other schools of philosophy, which I have been researching recently, but none make mention about poverty being linked to piles. Talk about being squeezed, I cant seem to get any answers anywhere.

In Jewish philosophy, we have a school of thought that states that we are put on this earth to achieve something, to accomplish a specific mission. If you don’t complete that mission, you are sent back again and again until you get it. To be honest after being sent back for the tenth time, you sort of forget what it is you had to achieve in the first place. The trauma of being born each time and having to fill in tax forms generally numbs the mind of any sense of purpose in any event, unless you were wise enough to write it down in a safe place, the chances are you are going to forget.

I cant understand what this has to do with my piles or my crying daughter, who is almost two years old and still cant drive or sleep for any length of time worth mentioning.

Of course statistically, the chances of winning the lottery are very slim, but I was never very good at maths and particularly this whole thing of calculating odds. The way I figure in my primitive method of odds calculation is that you have as much chance as anyone else and that means that is that. To quote the Night Raid “If there’s a bomb made for you, you are going to get it.” Although, with my luck overriding even the law of averages and odds, I am more likely to get the bomb than the winning lottery numbers.

Still not everything is bad- not anything that a bit of cash, sleep and pile cream wouldn’t help.




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