What we choose not to say

1 04 2012

The newspapers are full of coverage of the recent by-election in Bradford west, or as George Galloway refers to it – Blackburn. The other story sharing the headlines is the recent fuel shortage fiasco and Diane Hill that managed to suffer 40% burns after unwisely decanting petrol in her Kitchen next to a lit stove . In both cases the media is avoiding telling us the obvious and probably for the same politically correct reasons.

Number one, Gorgeous George’s victory comes in an area heavily populated by Muslim voters. His pro-Arab anti-western and often anti-Semitic views echo their own, except they like him more because it adds legitimacy to their insular and hatred infused views when they are perpetuated by a white catholic. This isn’t labour’s failure nor the conservatives, this is a sign of things to come and Galloway is just a sensationalist puppet for those that would gladly form the fifth column when called for.

Diane Hill is an idiot, the likes of which we have not seen in sometime. Common sense and logic dictates that there are far safer place to decant petrol than next to a lit stove. But the papers are championing her as a victim of minister Francis Maude’s gerry can gaffe. Calls for his resignation are sensationalist and represent the paper’s braying call for blood because it will sell more papers. What no one has failed to state explicitly is that regardless of how ill advised Maude’s comments were, this woman is incredibly stupid and the only person responsible for her actions is the woman herself.

When the press in this country grow a moral backbone and start calling things for what they are, the closer we will come to having open conversation about the things we fear the most.