Platonic Conception

15 07 2008

Welcome to Platonic Conception a collection of articles, opinions and general matters of interest from David Mintz. 

The title Platonic Conception is a quote taken from F. Scott Fritzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, possibly one of the greatest pieces of literature to date. As a comment on society, The Great Gatsby was subtle yet incisive in its criticism of the excesses of an age on the verge of financial ruin, I am finding more than one or two similarities with the current period we are experiencing. 

Scott Fritzgerald explains “The truth was that Jay Gatsby… sprang from his Platonic conception of himself.” 

I’d like to think that we all aim to transform ourself into the ideal that we envisage for ourselves. After all, we all want to achieve our dreams.

In many ways Gatsby is a role model for the ambitious nobodies that wish to achieve something.