What women want

20 12 2009


Firstly, if you are looking to the answer to that question, let me put your mind at ease by telling you it is not here.
Its not here because human beings cannot be honest with one another and the greatest cold war type paranoid relationship has been ongoing since the garden of eden, making it impossible to be reasonable after all these millenia.
But what women want and men want is in reality, not too disimilar. We both want what we cant have. She wants a good looking, smart, wealthy husband and we want a good looking, er, good looking wife.
She wants to be romanced and charned into bed, with mood lighting and candles. We want it by suprise whatever and wherever the location, the more random the better. Infact in this respect men are like little boys, the more it seems like theyre not meant to be doing it. The better it is.
She wants to sleep in and have breakfast in bed, we just want to sleep.
She wants a nice home with smart furnishings and a tidy interior. We want a couch, preferably one we can recline on and a tv the size of a football pitch. We also want to be able to use it when noone else is around. Its the law.
But of all the things that women want it is the perfect husband that they know does not exist. And the men? They just want a bit of peace and quiet once in a while, perhaps a five minute break from the incessant whining, complaining and moaning (not good moaning, bad moaning).
In summary and to paraphrase Jagger, you cant always get what you want, but it doesnt stop you wanting it.